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Janome HD1000

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Janome HD1000 Heavy-Duty
(All mechanical) 
Sewing Machine with 14 Built-In Stitches 

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The Janome HD1000 is a very durable and reliable machine with easy to use features. It has 14 stitches and a one- four step buttonhole to help you with all your sewing needs. If threading your needle has been a problem in the past, the HD1000 has a built-in needle threader.


  • 14 Built-In Stitches including Utility Stitches, Stretch Stitches and a Simple to Use 4 Step Buttonhole

  • The Janome HD1000's Body is Made of Cast Aluminum and Like the Metal Machines of Years Ago the Janome HD1000 is Made To Last

  • Comes with A Bunch of Different Accessories Including - Bobbins, Felt, Extra Needles, Two Screwdrivers, Seam Ripper/Buttonhole Ripper, Zipper Foot, Hemmer Foot, Buttonhole Foot, a Hem Guide and a Soft Cover

  • The HD1000 Has A Free Arm For Sewing Pants, Cuffs and Collars and Drop Feed for Darning, Stippling, Attaching Buttons and Other Free Motion Applications

  • The Janome HD1000 Even Has a Built-In Automatic Needle Threader - Thread Your Needle with Ease and Without Eye-Strain


Janome HD1000 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The Janome HD1000 is solid, reliable mechanical sewing machine for all seasons. Its robust, aluminum body construction makes it an excellent choice as a workhorse sewing machine for experienced sewists and a favorable one for beginners.

Despite being a mechanical machine, the HD1000 is powered by an electrical motor, which gives the stitches consistency, power and precision to tackle a variety of fabric. From thicker fabrics like suede, velvet or leather to delicate linen or silk, it can work with all of them. It even sews perfectly with nylon or metal threads with no problem.

Armed with the Jenny Haskins’ line of Quilt Magic stabilizers, a quilting guide and micro-tipped scissors, the HD1000 is built-in needle threading and four step button hole features make this machine a complete package.


Janome HD1000 Highlights:

Reverse LeverAttached to the front panel of the sewing machine, the ‘Reverse’ lever is large, clearly visible and easy to work with. A very helpful feature for tying seams









14 built-in stitchesBuilt-in selection of 14 stitches makes it a pleasure to select the relevant stitches for your sewing or quilting purpose. You can pick both straight stitches and zigzag patterned ones.








Stitch DialAdjusting the dimensions (length or width of stitches), selecting the stitches and thread tension on the stitches is made simple with manual, lay-in dials. The dials are clearly marked, and easily accessible.








Spool PinsThe HD1000 is equipped with two top-loading, vertical thread stands and a vertical, oscillating hook bobbin.







Janome HD1000 F eatures:

•   14 stitches with one four-step buttonhole
•   Snap-on presser feet
•   Bobbin winder
•   Large reverse lever on front panel of the machine
•   Spacious extension table
•   Extra presser foot dial and 3-piece feed dog
•   Automatic needle threading and simple thread-cutting mechanism
•   Drop feed 
•   Manual levers for adjusting stitch length, width and selecting stitches
•   Bobbin winder with automatic shut-off and declutch features
•   Light aluminum body with dust cover included


  1. Pretty good Review by Anita

    Real quilting machines are hard to find, especially in this price range. What I find great is that I got it to do the real work, going through heavy duty layers. The only issues I had was a bit of bouncing at times, but only when really pushing hard. Also, I feel that needle, for the work I do might be a little on the fragile side, but it hasn't broken yet. Shipping, setting it up and everything else was just fine, but it had a little hair crack on the cover, it's not a big issue.

  2. It's ok Review by Morgan

    I have constant issues with the bobbin with this one and with threading, but when it works it works fine. The machine needs a few inches of thread in order for it to keep the thread, so, for a machine of its caliber, I’d say it’s a bit too tweaky, needs a bit too much fiddling than what I would have wanted. It also does this sound, like it gets chocked, and you need to turn the wheel to get it back on track. It’s a bit too fiddly, but it works… Other than that, it is sturdy, it works well, when it’s not temperamental. I wish It came with an extension table, but for heavy duty work it works. The problems I experience with it, that I’ve talked about above, it’s a bit hard to totally recommend it, but when it works it works so fine. Also, I wish it could do more stitch patterns, so, well, I guess it was a bit of a hit and miss with me.

  3. Great workhorse Review by Callie

    For a entry level, heavy duty machine this is the right one! It does the job and it handles heavy loads. It’s also so easy to use, so straightforward. If you need to do some real work, this is it.

  4. Love it Review by Liz

    I’m in LOVE with this amazing machine! It seems to be built really well, and I have no problems threading it. I adore the attachment for the needle threader! Everything works great!

  5. pretty good Review by Ingrid

    I couldn’t wrap my head around one of those machines that have a computer onboard. Something about heavy duty machines and computers doesn’t compute with me (sic!), and so I gave this machine a hard look as it really seemed to be what I needed. And, what I found about it is that the HD1000 does a great job, is not one of those temperamental machine, it goes through thick and thin and gets the job done. I go through 5 to 8 layers of material with it and it gets the job done. Also, the metal box it has is really great and it gives you this feeling of ruggedness and it came with great accessories. All I did before I got it to work was reduce the tension in the bobbin, as for my zig-zag work the tension needed to be a little less. In terms of the things you need to do to keep it working, the raising of the needle and other things are easy to learn (but hard to remember in my case!) but it’s not such an issue to figure out. The plastic shell of the machine looks a bit weak and when the machine works through many layers the shell is vibrating. So, a bit clunky, a fit fiddly, but it works fine; I do recommend it.

  6. So easy to use Review by Tracy

    My daughter and I love using this machine! We’ve done so much work on it, and I never could have dreamed of a better machine!

  7. Very impressed Review by Paige

    This machine is two great things in one: simple and tough! It powers through any sewing project. Even with as sturdy as it is, it’s still easy to transport and set up anywhere. I’m so happy!

  8. Solid machine Review by Cass

    This machine is powerful, it’s the real deal. For a new machine I was amazed that it was ready to use so fast; I set it and I got it working. It’s smooth, so much quieter than my older “tank” and I also got everyone using it in no time. It’s a no nonsense machine for real heavy duty work. It's a lot smaller then some semi-industrial machines, but it’s still a great machine. I really recommend it, you will not be disappointed.

  9. Strong machine Review by Jordan

    By no means am I a seamstress, but I had some gear that I needed to fix, and my wife’s machine was 20 years old and just couldn’t handle it. The second I set this new one up, and it plowed right through corduroy and nylon without any trouble at all.

  10. Awesome Review by Dean

    This machine is the Sherman tank of sewing. It has helped me finish tent cases, Cub Scout patches, couch covers, and other thick fabrics without any hesitation! There’s a video online of a guy using this thing to sew through a yardstick… the power is incredible. I love it!

  11. Best machine at this price Review by Billy

    I got this machine for really thick and layered materials, for jeans and for other stacked materials. The machine is so tough, so easy to work with, and it takes whatever you give it! I also love the fact that it has no computer/no nonsense controls, everything is controlled on a dial and I know that it will keep on for a long time. In my book, you can’t go wrong with this one, if you really need a sturdy machine. I haven’t read a single review that wasn’t positive so that’s a good sign too.

  12. Everything I wanted Review by Rita

    Before buying this, I had a cheap Singer that always managed to give me a headache. After a lot of struggling, I caved and invested in the HD1000, and I’m so glad I did. It’s a sturdy machine and sews so smoothly. I’ve finished about 100 aprons on top of a ton of other kitchen accessories, and it has never slowed down or missed a stitch! Simple to learn and easy to maintain.


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