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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400

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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9400

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Sewing and Quilting Machine

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The Janome MC 9400 is
Janome’s Newest Quilting Machine:
Now In-Stock and Available.

The Janome 9400 is Janome’s newest, next generation, top-of-the-line, quilting/ sewing machine. The 9400 has many of the features that were exclusive to the Janome 15000, including the fully retractable LED lighting. This makes way for extra bright, shadow free, sewing. 

High speed quilting motor 1060 SPM, perfect for quilt piecing, “exceptionally smooth, quiet and fast.” With 11 inches of free arm bed space, AcuFeed System, and extra high, presser foot knee lifter. 

If you value you're sewing time, and want to enjoy an easy, relaxing, stress free sewing experience, the Janome MC9400 has your name on it.


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Janome 9400 workspaceGenerous Project Space and Ergonomic Layout 
Impressively designed with greater room with all of your quilt tasks in mind, the 9400 accommodates 11” on needle’s right side, giving you 15 ½” of full workspace. Attractive needle area with a trim and sleek design makes it easy and enjoyable to see your project as you sew.


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 Stitch Composer™

Enjoy a new level of creativity! If you want to design your own stitches, the unique Stitch Composer™ feature makes it happen. Open a whole new world of possibilities for your project as you enjoy designing your own stitches with our user- friendly program. Transfer your stitches easily using the USB port.


Progressive LCD Touchscreen
Enjoy sewing luxury, with our modern LCD touchscreen displaying all the info you require for sewing and quilting. Choose new stitches or program your favorites for easy recall. The Sewing Applications feature provides you with assistance for improving many different sewing tasks. Memorized Quilt Seaming, gives you the ability to cruise along a greater number of same-sized blocks as the machine remembers the length of your seam.


Foot Pedal and Thread Cutter
Janome Memory Craft 9400 has a generous size foot control that offers comfort, stability, and easier sewing. Keep your hands free to continue sewing! Use the included Thread Cutter Switch using your foot for snipping threads easily, so you can keep sewing with less interruption.


Cloth Guide
Our classic Cloth Guide fits perfectly onto the machine. Slide it to the correct seam width and your desired hem. The Cloth Guide stays in that spot making sewing easier, and keeping your seams straight with your fabric, along the flange of the guide. The convenient markings on the machine bed allow you to place it in an accurate location.



Janome 9400 acufeedAcuFeed Flex™
Our reputable AcuFeed™ Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System is highly acclaimed within the sewing world, as well as the quilting community for its superior precision and outstanding power. Our AcuFeed™ Flex system is designed to be detached when you are no longer using it, and it stores easily in an accessory tray. Changing the feet has never been easier! The AcuFeed™ Flex offers two convenient options; the two-prong standard AcuFeed™ foot moves your fabric perfectly along the bottom and top. The standard AcuFeed™ foot is best for your quilting projects, classic seaming, and general sewing projects. For more detailed work and other projects, the optional one-prong AcuFeed™ foot offers expert control, making it ideal for attaching zippers and sewing seams.
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Stitch Combination Memory 
With 350 built-in stitches on the Janome 9400, you can combine, resize, customize and save your sewing preferences easily. Editing your stitches is easy on the LCD touchscreen, and combine up to 100 stitches in length. Save your favorite stitch combinations to the built-in memory bank or use the USB port on the machine.


Bobbin Case, Cover and Convenient Threading
No more pulling long threads up when you thread your machine! The unique bobbin case and cover on the 9400 make machine threading easier! Specifically designed with a built-in blade for trimming thread tails, simply slip the thread bobbin in the cover plate guide; the built-in cutting blade trims the end of the thread to the precise length for the perfect on-point beginning to your stitch. After the first threading, the automatic thread cutter resets and trims those thread tails for you, so you can spend more time sewing and less time threading.


Progressive Bobbin Winder with Cutter
Bobbin winding just got better! The Janome 9400 features a bobbin winding plate with 5 cutting blades, making bobbin winding and thread cutting, fast and effortless.


Automatic Presser Foot Lift Function
Save time and keep your hands free on your project with the convenient automatic presser foot lift. The auto presser foot lift, raises the presser foot for you automatically after cutting a thread with the thread snip button, or after you have programmed a thread cut ending a run of decorative stitching. Simplify your sewing experience by setting the auto presser foot, which will raise when the seam ends- displaying the machine needle’s down setting for easier pivoting. Designed to enhance your performance, allowing you to increase productivity with fewer manual actions to interrupt your sewing.


Janome 9400 needle threaderAdvanced Needle Threading Technology 
Save time threading your machine. Simply set the thread, push the switch, and start sewing. It’s that easy! Sew faster with the 9400, with its progressive design your thread is fed through the needle with precision and perfect accuracy each time.


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9mm Zig Zag Stitch
The Memory Craft 9400 gives you the ability to create extra- wide 9mm stitches; adding distinction, boldness, and creativity to your sewing. Make your decorative stitching stand out, or fill in more space with quicker stitching to save important time in your projects.


One Step™ Plate Converter
Changing plates is now easier than ever! This special feature makes a big difference when sewing with certain fabrics in the sewing world. The One Step™ Plate Converter makes it easy to change and select the best plate to use in your sewing project. At the press of a button one plate releases, simply snap the next plate you want to use, in the designed place. In just a few seconds you have successfully changed the plate with no tools required! When working with lighter weight types of fabric, or sewing quilts, using the straight type stitching plate makes all the difference. The Memory Craft 9400 includes three plates as standard accessories; the regular Zig Zag needle plate, Straight style Stitch plate, and also a ¼” Professional industrial style Needle Plate and foot for incredible precision. Never break a needle again! The 9400 has a special sensor which only allows for a straight type stitch whenever the straight type stitch plate is being used.


Bobbin Thread Alert Sensor
It can be a challenge to focus on how much thread in your bobbin you have left when sewing larger projects or working with thicker fabric and quilts. Never be caught during a project working on a seam line again! The 9400 bobbin thread sensor, alerts you when your bobbin thread is getting low. Select the range of preferred sensitivity you need for the bobbin thread alert with the advanced sensor system. You can also increase sensitivity for thicker thread, or lower for a thinner thread.


Variable Zig Zag™ Feature
Enhance your most expressive creativity, the 9400 comes with a great tool for your limitless creativity: Variable Zig Zag™. This feature offers advanced precision, and ease of controlling the width of your stitch using your knee lift! To use this feature simply start with your straight type stitch. Next, keep the 9400 running, just push gently on your knee lift, this widens your zigzag stitch up to 9mm. Ease off the knee lift to return to the straight style stitch; the result is a perfect and tapered finish. You may easily control the maximum width up to 9mm, using the stitch setting in the machine’s set stitch mode. This advanced feature of the 9400 brings your more control and opens up new creative possibilities for all of your project and quilting needs.


Janome 9400 High LightHigh Light™
Bringing you impressive light, where you need it most! The 9400 includes a generous variety of lighting for your projects. Activate the Janome High Light™ by simply pushing it forward. See your stitches with better clarity and ease; the 9400 brings you an adjustable light with a beacon which points the light right onto the needle. The bed of the machine is illuminated by 10 LED ultra–bright lights in 5 locations, a feature that can be easily appreciated as it provides a brighter work space for your projects. To save you valuable sewing time the buttons are also illuminated, making them easier to locate and use.

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Automatic, 1-step Buttonhole System
Create quick and easy buttonholes with incredible accuracy! Place a button into buttonhole foot. The system has a sensor that works with the foot, to create perfect buttonholes every time. The Memory Craft 9400 brings you 11 built-in buttonholes including a wider style 9mm.


 91 Needle Positions

Every detail is important! The 9400 has an impressive feature bringing you 91 needle positions for your most special projects. This feature brings you more options in detailing your decor stitches and offers you the most impressive, and modifications in all stitch creations. This feature and the width of a 9mm stitch, brings you the most options for all of your creativity and bold detail.


Free Motion Quilting Made Easy
Customize the height of the foot for your project. Whether you need to finish a thicker quilt with lots of batting or a thinner one, finishing your project and free motion quilting doesn’t get any easier than this! The Janome 9400 gives you the ability to change the height of the foot for your convenience. Set your foot height high for those big quilts and thicker projects, or lower it if you prefer a bit of a drag on your stitches. Save your favorite setting to memory and use it later.


Presser Foot Pressure Sensor 
A fabric sensor automatically detects the thickness of fabric, and adjusts the downward pressure placed on the fabric accordingly. This ensures that your fabric never slips, yet moves smoothly and easily as you sew. The presser foot pressure can also be adjusted manually in the setting mode. This allows you to reduce the pressure on thicker fabrics, or to set to your own personal preferences. 


Stress-free Convenient Features


Automatic Thread Cutter 
No more reaching for scissors! Simply cut the thread by pushing a button right at the tip of your fingers. This thread saving feature is one that can be appreciated. The automatic thread cutter on the Janome 9400 feature leaves very short, clean thread tails. 


Easy Reverse Stitch Button 
Back stitch easily to lock a seam, or stop stitching. The 9400 features an easy-to-use reverse button conveniently located at your fingertips, on your machine. 


Easy Lock Stitch Button 
If you don’t want to back stitch to lock a seam, you can tie the ends of threads with the locking stitch button. This feature automatically ties off the thread and is perfect for locking seams and decorative stitches. 


Auto Needle Down Function 
Pivoting corners and seamless free motion made easy as the needle will stop in the down position. Remove the fabric easily by simply putting the needle in the up position. 


Speed Control 
The 9400 allows you to decide the speed for sewing. Lower the sewing speed with the slider for intricate stitches, or adjust the slider to sew at higher speeds for straight seems. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you set the speed that makes your sewing experience more comfortable. A wonderful feature for doing appliqué or any project, set your speed anywhere from 60spm to 1060spm. 


Adjustable Ergonomic Knee Lift 
Specifically designed ergonomically to adjust and accommodate sewers of all ranges. Enjoy sitting with a perfect view of the needle, with the knee lift positioned perfectly for you, while doing your quilting free-motion, special projects or other general sewing. 


New Stitches, Added Accessories, Endless Options! 
The Janome 9400 offers a very generous assortment of embroidery designs and built-in stitches. Your creativity soars to the next level, with a lot of built-in stitches (350), different styles of buttonholes (11), and the Stitch Composer™ that offers you infinite possibilities. Monogram your project with decorative stitching using one of the four fonts provided. The 9400 also comes with 19 customary feet, 3 plates, and other amazing accessories.

Horizon MC9400 Chart  
Model name  Horizon MC9400
Machine Overview Computerized sewing machine
Classification Horizontal full rotary hook
Body construction Skeleton type
Machine size (mm) W528xH321xD243
Machine weight (kg) 13.2kg
Bed type Free arm / Flat bed convertible
Work space (width) 280 (11-inch)
Work space (height) 120
Free arm length (From the needle) (mm) 150
Spool pin Horizontal type
Top cover base Yes
Face plate Opening type
Extension table Openable type (2 accessory storages) (with the foot storage compartment)
Carry handle 90°Rotary short type(435mm)
Basic Functions
Stitch width adjusting (mm) 0-9.0
Maximum zigzag width (mm) 9.0 ( pendulum type )
Stitch length adjusting (mm) 0-5.0
Maximum stitch length (mm) 5
Built-in needle threader Yes (superior needle threader)
Winding the bobbin with the machine threaded Yes ( with extra spool pin )
Stop winding the bobbin automatically Yes
Multi-language 13 languages (English. French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish. Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, and Turkish)
AcuFeed system Yes ( removable type, twin type )
Needle up/down stop function Yes (with memory function)
Automatic needle stop position Down as default setting
Feed dog 7 pieces ( 9mm zigzag )
Drop feed dog Yes (manual)
Drop feed dog sensor Yes
Knee lifter Yes (electronic )
Needle position 91positions ( resolution: 0.1 )
Straight needle plate conversion One-touch replaceable type
Automatic thread cutter Yes ( Sensor motor)
Remote thread-cutter port Yes
Thread cutter Yes
Face plate Yes
Top cover Yes
Easy bobbin winder Yes
Easy set bobbin Yes
Operation Start stop controller
One-touch slow function Yes
Start with reverse sewing Yes
In operation: Press: reverse at setting speed, Release: sew forward
Stopped/paused: Press: reverse at slow speed, Release: stop with the needle up
Auto-lock button Yes
Maximum sewing speed Straight stitch Stitch length 0.0-2.4 : 1060spm Stitch length 2.5-3.0 : 1000spm Stitch length 3.1 -4.0 : 920spm Stitch length 4.1 - 5.0 : 860spm Zigzag width 0.0-3.0 : 1000spm, 4.0 : 900spm 5.0 : SOOspm, 6.0 : 750spm, 7.0 : 700spm, 8.0 : 650spm, 9.0 : 600spm
Minimum sewing speed 60spm
Speed control Slide volume
Bobbin winding Auto declutch
Bobbin winding speed 1600rpm
Automatic thread tension control Yes (electronic)
J Multi-voltage Yes
1 Touch screen display Yes (LCD touch panel)
Screen size (x)(mm) x (y)(mm) 110.9*62.8
Screen type Color LCD with backlight
Pattern selection Touch panel
Direct selection No
Buzzer Yes
External media type USB Host: 1
Built-in stitch (including BH) 350 stitches
Monograming • English, European Alphabet: 3 font (block/script/broadway) & 9mm capital and number (block) • Cyrillic font: 1 font (block) ■ Hiragana, Katakana font: 2 font (ming-style/rounded style)
Number of stitch combination 100
Number of BH stitches Sensor BH: 10, Memory BH: 1
BH foot for thick fabrics Yes
BH automatic stop Yes
Design/patter cueing function Yes
Number of design/pattern stock Up to 3MB
Reversal of designs/patterns Yes
Variable zigzag Yes
Kink preventing device Yes
Standard accessories  
Bobbin Total: 5 pieces (1set on the machine)
Felt                                                                                                             No
Screw driver                                                                              Yes
Lint brush Yes
Seam ripper Yes 
Needle set Yes (#14 (red ), SP#14 ( purple ), SP#11 ( blue ) x2, twin needle )
Quilting guide bar Yes  
Spool holder (Large) 2pcs.
Spool holder (Small) 2pcs.
Spool holder (Special) 2pcs.
Thread holder No
Extra spool pin Yes (horizontal type with thread holder)
Touch panel stylus Yes 
Zigzag foot A Yes
Rolled hem foot (3mm) D Yes
Zipper foot E Yes 
Satin stitch foot F Yes 
Open-toe satin stitch foot F2 Yes 
Blind hemming foot G Yes
Overcast foot M Yes 
1/4 inch seam foot 0 Yes 
Darning foot PD-H Yes
Convertible free motion quilting foot No
Open-toe foot No
Close-toe foot No
Clear view foot No
Free motion quilting closed-toe foot QC Yes
Free motion quilting open-toe foot QO Yes 
Free motion quilting zigzag foot QV Yes 
Dual feed foot (twin) AD Yes 
Stitch composer Yes
Automatic buttonhole foot R Yes 
Button sewing foot T Yes
3utton shank plate Yes 
Even feed foot No
Needle plate for straight stitch Yes
Instruction book Yes
Instruction DVD Yes
Warranty card Yes
Power cable Yes
Foot control Yes 
Thread cutting switch Yes 
Knee lifter Yes
Extra wide table Yes
Cloth guide Yes
Dust cover Yes 
Professional grade foot Yes 
Drofessional grade needle plate Yes 
Spool stand Yes 
Universal table stand No
Plate A No
Plate F No
Plate (New) Yes
Large button hole foot & large stabilizer plate Yes 
BHfootB Yes  
Straight stitch foot Yes  
Border guide foot FB Yes 
Cording foot H Yes  
Rolled hem foot (6mm) D1 Yes  
Rolled hem foot (4mm) D2 Yes  
Applique foot AP Yes 
Ditch quilting foot S Yes 
Piping foot I Yes  
Clear view quilting foot OV Yes  
Ribbon foot RS Yes 
Pintucking foot (Narrow) N2 Yes 
Pintucking foot (Wide) N1 Yes  
Gathering foot V Yes 
Beading foot (<p2)L1 Yes 
Beading foot (<p4)L2 Yes 
RufflerfootRF Yes 
Ultra glide foot U Yes  
Ultra glide needle plate set Yes 
Binder set W1 Yes  
Binder foot W Yes  
Edge guide foot SE Yes  
Pintuck cording guide (for narrow/wide cording)  Yes
Free motion couching foot FMC Yes 
Circular attachment Yes 
Clear view quilting foot (unit) [9mm center needle position) Yes
Dual feed 1/4 inch seam foot OD Yes 
AcuFeed zipper foot ED Yes   
Dual Feed Foot VD Yes  
Dual feed open-toe foot UD Yes 
Face plate lens (20, 40,60) Yes 
Extra wide table No
Thread cutting switch Standard accessory 
Accessory case Yes
Upper thread sensor Yes
Bobbin thread sensor Yes
Presser foot lifter safety device Yes
Automatic presser foot lift Yes
Automatic presser foot pressure control (fabric thickness detection) Yes
Foot presser adjustment Automatic
Presser foot change Snap-on/Snap-off
Lamp 4 places (9 white LED/face plate sliding lamp)
Face plate lamp Yes




Quick reference; Janome 9400 video transcription 

Thank you for purchasing our product. We're sure you'll be glad you chose our machine and it will bring you much enjoyment in the fantastic world of sewing craft and quilting.

connecting the power supply to Janome 9400Connecting the power supply on the Janome 9400

This Janome quilting machine is equipped with a two way speed control for sewing. You can use either the foot control or the start/ stop button to operate the machine. Before connecting the machine to the power supply, make sure to turn the power switch off. If you use the foot control, insert the pin connector into the jack. Connect the power supply chord by inserting the plugs into the machine and a power outlet. 

The Janome 9400 operating buttons are conveniently grouped together for easy access while sewing.

operating buttons on janome 9400Start/ Stop button
- press the start/ stop button to start or stop the machine. Please note however the start/ stop button will not work when the foot control is connected. The machine will run slowly as long as this button is pressed, and will start running at the speed set by the speed controls slider, when the button is released. Pressing this button while the machine is running will slow down the machine and it will stop when the button is released. This function is extremely useful when precise control of stitching is necessary.

Reverse Button - the machine will sew in reverse as long as the reverse button is being pressed when these patterns are being sewn. To secure the beginning of a seam, press and hold down this button so that the machine will sew in reverse at the slowest speed. When other patterns are selected, pressing the reverse button causes the machine to lock the stitch in place and stop automatically.

Auto Lock Button - the Janome MC9400 immediately locks the stitch and will stop automatically by pressing the auto lock button when these patterns have been selected. When other patterns are selected the machine will sew to the end of the pattern being sewn, then lock the stitch and stop automatically.

Needle Up/ Down Button - press this button to raise or lower the needle.

Presser Foot Lifter Button - the presser foot will go up or down by pressing this button. You can also raise or lower the presser foot manually with the presser foot lifter. The knee lifter is useful when sewing patchwork and quilting etc. since it allows you to handle the fabric while your knee controls the presser foot. See the instruction manual for more information.

Thread Cutter Button - press this button to trim the threads after sewing. The needle and presser foot will automatically rise after trimming the threads. You can sew the next stitch without pulling the bobbin thread up. If you use thick thread or the twin needle you can use the thread cutter on the face plate.

Speed Control Slider - the speed control slider sets the maximum sewing speed to decrease the speed shift the slider to the left. Shift to the right to increase the speed.

Winding The Bobbin & Extra Spool Pin - use the extra spool pin when you need to wind the bobbin without un-threading the machine. Insert the extra spool pin into the hole, place a spool of thread on it and secure the spool with the spool holder.

winding the bobbin on the janome 9400Winding the Bobbin - Press the lock out key, raise the foot, slide the hook cover release button to the right, and remove the hook cover. Take out the bobbin. Put the bobbin on the bobbin winder spindle. Press the lock out key to unlock the machine. See the spool of thread on the spool pin. Secure it with the spool holder. Hold the thread with both hands and pass it under the thread guide plate. Draw the thread to the left and forward around the thread guide cover. Firmly pull the thread to the right while holding it with your hands. Hold the thread with both hands and wind it around the bobbin clock wise several times. Insert the thread into one of the slits of the flange plate and pull the thread to cut it. Push the bobbin winder spindle to the right. The bobbin mark will appear on the LCD screen. Start the machine. Stop the machine when the bobbin is fully wound and stops spinning. Return the bobbin winder spindle to the left. Remove the bobbin and cut the thread with the thread cutter.


inserting the bobbin in the janome 9400Inserting The Bobbin - press the lock out key, place the bobbin in the bobbin holder with the thread running off counter clockwise. Hold the bobbin in place with your finger tip so it does not rotate. Guide the thread into the front notch of the bobbin holder. Pass the thread under the guide and pull it to the left. Pass the thread into the guide paths marked 1 and 2. Pull the thread to the right of the slit. Insert the hook cover plate.

Threading The Janome Horizon 9400 - raise the needle by pressing the needle up/ down button. Press the lock out key. Set the spool of thread on the spool pin. Secure it with the spool holder. Hold the thread with both hands and pass it under the thread guide plate. Still holding the thread with your hand draw the threads firmly around the corner and towards you along the channel. Pull the thread down along the right channel. Pull the thread up around the guide plate and along the left channel. Slip the thread into the eye of the take up lever and pull it down along the left channel. Pass the thread through the lower thread guide from the right to the left. Pass the thread through the needle bar thread guide from the right and draw it to the left firmly and then pass it through the thread holder of the needle threader. Pass the thread through the thread holder and cut the thread with the thread cutter. Pull the needle threader lever down as far as it will go. Raise the threader slowly so a loop of the thread is pulled up through the needle eye. Pull the thread end through the needle eye. You need to draw up the bobbin thread when sewing gathering stitches etc. For drawing up the bobbin thread see the instruction manual.

Replacing The Needle Plate
- use the straight stitch needle plate when sewing straight stitch and sewing with the dual feed foot. Press the lock out key. Press the presser foot lifter button to raise the presser foot. Slide the extension table to the left to remove it. Push down the needle plate release lever, and the needle plate will pop up. A warning message will appear to remind you that the needle plate is not secured. Remove the needle plate by lifting it to the right. Insert the left edge of the straight stitch needle plate into the opening. Push down on the mark of the needle plate until it is locked into place. Check to make sure that the confirmation message appears. Press the X key. Turn hand wheel slowly and check that the needle does not hit the needle plate. Press the lock out key to unlock the Janome 9400.

replacing the presser foot on the Janome 9400Replacing The Presser Foot - raise the needle by pressing the needle up/ down button. Press the lock out key. Raise the presser foot with the foot lifter. Press the lever on the back of the foot holder, and the presser foot will drop off. Place the desired foot under the foot holder so the pin and the foot lines up under the groove of the foot holder. Lower the foot with the foot lifter to lock the foot in place. Press the lock out key to unlock the machine.

Replacing The Foot Holder - when using the dual feed feet or darning foot you need to replace the foot holder. Raise the needle by pressing the needle up/ down button. Press the lock out key. Raise the presser foot with the foot lifter. Loosen the thumb screw and remove the foot holder. Attach the dual feet foot holder to the presser bar from behind, tighten the thumb screw with your fingers.  Push the dual feed link to engage with the upper feed driver. Lower the foot and the needle. Tighten the thumb screw firmly with the screw driver to secure the foot holder. Raise the needle and the foot. Press the lock out key to unlock the machine.

Dropping the Feed Dog - the feed dog can be lowered with the drop feed lever located on the right side of the machine. Shift the lever towards you to drop the feed dog. Shift the lever away from you to raise the feed dog, and it will return to the up position when you start the machine.

Practical Sewing  

selecting patterns on janome 9400Selecting Patterns - this Janome quilting machine offers a wide selection of stitch patterns and monograms. The flip up reference chart helps you identify all the patterns at a glance. The patterns are listed in groups for easy reference. When turning the power switch on the LCD screen will show straight stitch 1 has been selected. Press one of the icon keys to select the category. Select the group and select the pattern.

Manual Stitch Settings - this machine is programmed to provide the optimal stitch length and width as well as thread tension for the selected pattern. However, you can make adjustments to suite your specific sewing needs. Press the setting bar to expand the manual settings window. You can adjust the zigzag width, stitch length, elongation ratio, thread tension and foot pressure by pressing the plus or minus key. Press the setting bar to shrink the manual setting window. Press the default key to return the settings to the default values.

Auto Thread Cutting - to cut the threads after sewing press the thread cutter button. The MC9400 trims the threads then the needle and presser foot move up automatically. When you turn on the auto thread cutting option in the ordinary sewing setting mode, the machine trims the threads automatically after the locking stitches are finished.

buttonholes on janome 9400Buttonholes - there are various styles of buttonholes available. Place the button on the back off the automatic buttonhole foot and push back the holder to hold the button. Buttonhole length is determined automatically. You can also fine tune the buttonhole size by turning the adjusting screw. Press the lock out key. Raise the presser foot lifter. Attach the buttonhole foot. Draw the needle thread to the left through the hole of the buttonhole foot. Press the lock out key to unlock the machine. Place the fabric under the foot. Lower the needle into the starting point by turning the hand wheel. Press the presser foot lifter button to lower the presser foot. Pull down the buttonhole lever as far as it will go. Start sewing while pulling the needle thread lightly to the left. After several stitches, free the needle thread and continue sewing. The machine will stop automatically when the buttonhole is complete. Press the thread cutter button to cut the threads.

Advanced Sewing Techniques  

programming a pattern combination on janome 9400Programming a Pattern Combination - You can program stitch patterns as well as letters to make a pattern combination. Select upper case letter “A” in monogram. Select pattern number 19 in decorative stitches. Press the vertical mirror key and select patter number 19 again. Select upper case letter B in monogram. Start the machine to sew the pattern combination.

Saving a Pattern Combination - you can save a pattern combination as a file in the internal memory or USB flash drive. Press the save file key to open the save file window. Select the location where you wish to save the pattern combination. Open the ORDF folder. The file name is assigned automatically starting from N001. If you wish to change the file name, press the rename key to open the keyboard window. Enter the new name and press the OK key. Press the OK key to save the design under the new name.

Opening a Pattern Combination - when you press the open file key, the open file window appears. Select the memory location. Open the folder. Open the pattern combination.

Customizing the Machine Settings - you can customize the machine settings in the setting mode. Press the set mode key to enter the setting mode. There are 3 setting modes: the common setting, ordinary sewing setting and language selection. For example lets customize the needle stop position, select up needle position. To activate your custom setting press the OK key.

Care and Maintenance on the Janome 9400

Replacing the needle - check the needle frequently to insure that it`s tip is not wrought or blunt and replace it with a new needle if it is dull or bent. Be sure to turn off the machine and disconnect it from the power supply. Loosen the needle clamp screw with a screw driver and remove the needle. Insert a new needle with the flat side facing back. Push the needle up against the stopper and tighten the needle clamp screw securely with the screw driver.

cleaning the janome 9400Cleaning your new Janome Horizon sewing machine - it is recommended to clean the hook area and automatic cutter device at least once a month. Be sure to turn off the machine and disconnect it from the power supply. Remove the needle and presser foot. Remove the extension table. Push down the needle plate release lever and remove the needle plate. Remove the bobbin and the bobbin holder. Clean the bobbin holder with a lint brush. Wipe the bobbin holder both inside and outside with a soft cloth. Clean the feed dog, thread cutter device and hook race with a lint brush. Wipe the inside of the hook race with a soft cloth. Attach the bobbin holder in the hook race making sure the knob fits next to the stopper of the hook race. Insert the left edge of the needle plate into the opening and push down on the mark of the needle plate until it is locked in place. Turn the power switch on to make sure a warning message does not appear. Attach the extension table and attach the needle and presser foot. Wipe the machine body with a soft cloth. Never use benzene or other chemical solvents for cleaning the machine body. Regular maintenance will insure your Janome MC9400 runs trouble free.


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