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Janome 8200 SE

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SAVE 47% Janome Memory Craft 8200QC

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Janome Memory Craft MC8200 QCPSE Sewing Machine
SAVE 47%

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Keeping all the features that you need and adding some extra sewing room, Memory Craft 8200 is a great machine for those who want a machine ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box. It gives you a high control allowing you to go from straight to zig zag stitch in one press of a button.

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Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8200QC 

Janome Memory Craft 8200QC is a full-featured machine to address all your sewing and quilting needs. This new machine offers over ten inches of throat opening, and an equally long free-arm to tackle the larger projects with ease. 


The 8200QC has several features you will appreciate, including a clear, backlit LED display, over hundred built-in stitches (with a handy stitch reference chart), a top-loading bobbin with full ‘jam- proof’ rotary hook assembly, snap-on needle plate mechanism with a simple lever-operated release and spacious storage for accessories. It is remarkably quiet, even at peak operating speeds of 860 stitches per minute. It also allows you to edit individual stitches or stitch combinations.


Whether you’re working on household projects or professional garments, the 8200QC is a reliable companion which can help you sew or craft with precision and power.


Janome 8200 Stitching features: 

•   Built-in selection of 120 different kinds of stitches, with a chart for reference.
•   Six different stitching modes, with ten direct keys to remember the most frequently used ones. Stitches can go up to 9mm wide, 5 mm long, and even be elongated to five times their regular size.
•   Over 90 different needle positions.
•   Peak sewing speed of 860 spm without any wobbles.
•   Button controlled Stitch locking feature
•   Auto thread cutting, you can cut both bobbin and the top thread at once
•   7 custom, single-step buttonholes with adjustable width, length of stitches and density.
•   Drop feed with a seven-piece feed dog. No more fabric getting clogged up, bunching on top or slipping away. The feeds can be adjusted to be dual, or single with easy options to remove the upper feed per the use.
•   Default down position for needles when sewing stops. For threading, ensure it is up
•   Clear, precise marks for measurements on needle plates; lever-operated easy snap- on and remove features for the plates (no more screw-drivers!)
•   Smooth, automatic needle threading



Janome 8200 Decorative and Custom features:

•   Reset feature if you need to start over again with the stitches after having started sewing already.
•   Selection of three different fonts (Broadway, Script, Block) with a Cyrillic font for decorative use.

•   High quality foot-presser lift to allow several layers or thicker fabric textures to be fed in before the foot is lowered. Great for denim, fake suede and leather.
•   Regular foot presser with seven different adjustable levels
•   Knee-lift to adjust the sewing foot height to suit your needs and kind of projects you’re working on

Janome 8200 Machine Features: 

•   Compact design, weighing only 27 lbs.
•   Great storage space to tuck away your feet, bobbins, needles and other accessories
•   Solid, metal die-cast frame with a carrying handle to make the machine very portable
•   Eleven inches (279 mm) throat space and Ten inches (253 mm) free arm to aid bigger projects and enough work area to handle professional, big projects
•   Backlit, high-resolution display for control panel with easy to recognize letters and numbers.
•   Extra accessories include a stylus pen to handle the touch-screen.
•   Pre-define your settings with a ‘menu’ feature to set your preferences and override defaults.

•   Five LED lighting for a brighter, well lit workspace
•   Machine dimensions: Width 52 cms, Height 32 cms, Depth 23 cms.


Janome 8200 Accessories:
(All feet are 9mm)

•   Zigzag Foot A
•   Rolled Hem Foot D
•   Zipper Foot E
•   Satin Stitch Foot F
•   Open-toe Stain Stitch Foot F2
•   Blind Hemming Foot G
•   Overcast Foot M
•   1/4" Seam Foot O
•   Free-quilting Foot PD-H
•   Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot QB-S with Close-toe Ft,
•   Open-toe Ft &
•   Clear View Ft
•   Automatic Buttonhole Foot R
•   Buttonhole
•   Stabilizer Plate
•   Dual Feed Foot Holder
•   Dual Feed Foot AD
•   Button Sewing Foot T
•   Quilting Guide Bar
•   Bobbins (5)
•   Spool Holder (Large)
•   Spool Holder (Small)
•   Spool Supporter
•   Felt
•   Extra Spool Pin
•   Set of Needles
•   Screwdriver
•   Lint Brush
•   Seam Ripper
•   Knee Lifter
•   Needle Plate for Straight Stitch
•   Stylus for machine touch screen
•   Power Cord & Foot Control
•   Instructional DVD


  1. Wow! Review by Heidi

    I just recently bought the Janome 8200 and I tested it today quite thoroughly. I’ve got a serious FMQ project going on, and I can say with pride that I’ve made the right choice! Compared to the MC 10000, a machine I’ve owned and used extensively for the last 10 years, this one feels and is the larger, smarter, more professional choice
    Sewing is absolutely flawless with the 8200; plus it has an automatic thread and it’s pretty quiet, you can hardly hear it.
    Setting up the tension is done via a manual dial, which I like, and the bulk of all settings are chosen via the touch screen. It has a vertical thread holder that I haven’t used it yet, though it looks like a solid piece.
    My main gig with it was using a 9mm stitch. The foot operated AccuFeed system the machine is fitted with is so amazing. It feeds without issues, fast and easy and it gets the job done so nicely.
    Now, in terms of extras, I bought my machine along with a two table set, one being an inset table, the other being a flat table. The tables are so sturdy, they inspire you this feeling of durability, as you can use them and not be afraid they’ll come crashing down if you put some pressure on them. The downside is that it may take a while to set up, but this is certainly not the kind of machine that is ultra portable, so some time setting up was to be expected.
    Foot pedal control also works smoothly and it compatible with the older Janome model I have, so I changed it with that one. Thus, the slide problem I had is no more. However, I’m pretty sure you can get used to the one the machine comes with without issues; just put it on a non slide surface, like a rug.
    So, overall, this is a wonderful machine, solid, compact enough for its class, and it feels like a machine that I’ll use for years without issues. Really recommend it!

  2. Exceeded my expectations! Review by Ivy

    I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this machine. In fact, one of my only issues with it has in fact so little to do with it all; you see there are very few in-depth reviews online that cover this one. And so, it took me a while to kind of get the info I needed. Not that there isn’t a lot of info that the manufacturer makes available, but I just wanted some more in-depth opinions from actual users. Anyway, before I bought it I did call one of the retailers and asked for more details, and after I got all the details I needed, I was sure that the Janome was exactly what I was hoping for.
    So this is a Janome from the get go: looks amazing, is solid, is state of the art. It doesn’t even bother to have a keypad like some other models, the controls and settings are all selected via a touchscreen. But, to turn back to the build, the machine has a lot of extras, tools for maintenance, a foot plate and even bobbins (5 of them).
    All of those extras are neatly boxed in a compartment of the machine so you don’t have to worry about having to create a whole world of mess in your studio, home or anywhere else. The feet have labeled slots, so that is really neat. IN one of the slots you’ll find a DVD and the instructions book, and I feel it’s a good idea to actually give these a read or a watch, even if after just a few minutes of work with it, the machines shows how well designed it actually is.
    Feeding is also pretty easy to do, the bobbins are easy to load and the feeder dogs feed the material with precision and so smoothly. The tension adjustment is the only one that is not controlled electronically, but it’s so easy to do and not even once did I have an issue getting the tension right (nor does it lose the tension).
    Foot control or by a button press, you can control when the machine starts and when it stops, but with the foot pedal it’s much neater. It’s also got a needle position (on or off) adjustment, a stitch lock and even an automatic lock setting, which is so useful.
    Overall, it’s a professional machine for the home user or for small businesses. It’s just brilliantly designed.


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