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SAVE 44% Janome Memory Craft 8900QCP

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Janome Memory Craft MC8900 QCPSE Sewing Machine
SAVE 44%

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In order to explore new things and expand your horizons you need a reliable companion. We have created 8900QCP thinking about your needs and preferences. This is the perfect balance between high end technology and user-friendly interface, all incorporated in an easy to use, well-designed sewing machine. You will love all the amazing features and you’ll find the inspiration to create things you’ve never thought possible.

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Janome MC8900QCP Special Edition

For sewing, quilting, hemming and pretty much all that can be achieved with stitches, the latest Janome MC8900 is your all-in-one sewing machine. It is a very solid and sturdy machine, yet compact and designed to enhance your sewing experience and exceed your expectations.


Laden with features, you will immediately notice the spacious design, offering you over ten inches of room both on the free arm and to the right of the needle. Also comes with an extension table, which gives you even more space for those larger projects, so sewing those bulky projects or baby quilts is just as easy as hemming trouser legs,or fixing the pillow case.


The bold stitches, going up to 9 mm in width and 5 mm in length, will leave its impression as much as LCD screen, dials for adjusting speed of stitches, thread tension or the huge selection of built-in stitches, designs and so much more.


Read unbiased review of the Janome 8900 here.

Machine Features

•    Machine Size – Width 57.5cm, Height 31.5 cms, Depth 23.3 cms
•    Lightweight, at less than 27 lbs
•    Made in Thailand solid aluminum die-cast internal frame keeps the machine sturdy even at high spm
•    Over ten inches of working space between needle and free-arm.
•    Ten inches of free arm, offering more than regular machines
•    Sewing bed with 15 inches of measurements etched on the surface
•    Easy-to-use backlit liquid crystal touch screen with stylus
•    White LED lights (five counts) to illuminate work area – 5 counts
•    Comfortable carry handle on top of machine
•    Spacious extension table to widen work space for bigger projects
•    Extra storage space under the free arm, in addition to spacious box in front and back for accessories
•    Multi-lingual with 15 language choices


Stitching Features

•   Lock stitch button
•   Built-in selection of 270 different kinds of stitches, categorized into 11 types for easy recognition (bridge, heirloom,long, decorative etc.) with a chart for reference on the lid.
•   Memory for storing individual favorite stitches, settings and frequently used options. Additional programmable options for twenty different stitch and font categories
•   Stitches can go upto 9mm wide, 5 mm long, and even be elongated to five times their regular size.
•   Over 90 different needle positions.
•   Peak sewing speed of 1000 spm without any wobbles.
•   Auto thread cutting, you can cut both bobbin and the top thread at once
•   Eleven custom, single-step buttonholes with adjustable width, length of stitches and density.
•   Drop feed with a seven-piece feed dog (superior plus). No more fabric getting clogged up, bunching on top or slipping away.
•   The feed dogss can be adjusted to be dual, or single with easy options to remove the upper feed dogs per the use. A dial for the AcuFeed also allows modifying the cloth tautness on the go
•   Default down position for needles when sewing stops. For threading, ensure it is up. Extra “lock” button to stop the machine operations while threading or changing the attachments (needle, foot).
•   Clear, precise marks for measurements on needle plates; lever-guided easy snap-on and remove features for the plates (no more screw-drivers!)
•   Smooth, automatic needle threading
•   Easy presser foot with options
•   'Flip’ options for 30 select stitches to be flipped either horizontally or vertically.
•   Efficient usage of fabric space with the fabric guiding system affording uniform space for seams
•   Extra high performance foot presser to sew, quilt through several layers and thicker density fabrics
•   Knee lift to adjust to various heights in accordance with the width and thickness of fabric which is to be put between the sewing area


Standard Accessories

 •   Zigzag Foot A •   Cloth Guide 
 •   Rolled Hem Foot D •   Bobbins (5)
 •   Zipper Foot E •   Spool Holder (Large)
 •   Satin Stitch Foot F •   Spool Holder (Small)
 •   Open-toe Stain Stitch Foot F2 •   Spool Supporter
 •   Blind Hemming Foot G •   Felt
 •   Overcast Foot M •   Extra Spool Pin
 •   1/4" Seam Foot O •   Set of Needles
 •   Free-quilting Foot PD-H •   Screwdriver
 •   Convertible Free Motion Quilting Foot •   Lint Brush
 •   Close-toe Foot •   Seam Ripper
 •   Open-toe Foot •   Knee Lifter
 •   Clear View Foot •   Needle Plate for Straight Stitch
 •   Automatic Buttonhole Foot R •  Stylus for machine touch screen
 •   Buttonhole Stabilizer Plate •   Power Cord
 •   Dual Feed Foot Holder •   Foot Control – New Larger Style
 •   Dual Feed Foot AD •   Instructional DVD
 •   Button Sewing Foot T •   Extra Wide Clear Extension Table with adjustable legs
 •   Quilting Guide Bar •   Machine Cover




















The Janome 8900 is a computerized sewing machine with an 11 inch long arm, which gives you huge sewing / quilting work space. This is a sewing machine with stitches all sewing enthusiasts will love. The 8900 is extremely quiet, and extraordinarily smooth. This machine comes with various options for speed control and even at the fastest speed or slowest, maintains perfect precision. The display shows what stitch is selected and is very informative by letting you know which presser foot you should use for that particular stitch. With this machine Janome has taken all the best and easiest options from other Janome machines, and put them all together in this unique machine and even made it better by adding extra ones that are not found on previous models. These include a larger, more stable foot control pedal, 9 mm wide stitches the MC8900 sews up to 1000 stitches per minute. Whether you are sewing clothing, doing patchwork or creating your own work of art, this is a sewing machine to help you with all your needs.


So what makes the Janome 8900 sewing machine so special? And why do so many people give the Janome 8900 perfect sewing machine reviews?

In a world of over-promises and under-deliver, it's really great to have the Janome brand of quality. The Janome 8900 frame, as an example, is made of cast metal “light weight aircraft aluminum." This is a sewing machine built to last with polished steel drive shafts, an all metal hook, quality bearings, and high quality steel screws. Everything on the Janome 8900 is made in a way for easy servicing and maintenance. Years from now the Janome 8900 will still work the same as the day you took it home. 

Inside of Janome sewing machine Inside of Janome sewing machine Inside of Janome sewing machine Inside of Janome sewing machine Inside of Janome sewing machine


Janome knows that each sewing project springs from artistic desire. Whether custom clothing, a modern or traditional quilt, a fashionable hand bag, the perfect home accessory, or that blouse that gets never-ending compliments. Chances are the Janome 8900 has your name on it. The 8900 is Janome’s best-selling machine in the HORIZON line up of Janome sewing machines.


What is AcuFeed Flex?

The Janome 8900 has AcuFeed Flex™.AcuFeed Flex is a Janome transport system and the feeding system is particularly useful for quilters. With 3 different feed transporters for narrow, medium, and wide feet, simply plug in the AcuFeed mechanism. This special foot helps in a wide variety of difficult stitching applications, feeding the fabrics with the highest precision.


The 8900 is also equipped with quick release needle plates. Your stitch plate can be change in a few seconds! No more screws! With an easy push of a button the throat plate pops off. Self-maintaining your machine has never been easier. 


9 mm stitch width.

The 8900 has a stitch width of 9mm this allows unique and attractive decorative stitches. A large number of stitches are available for 9 mm wide seams.

Technical Characteristics

  • L519 x H316 x P230 mm
  • Workspace L280 x H120 mm
  • Free arm 150 mm
  • Weight: 12.3 kg
  • Rotary horizontal hook 
  • Ball bearing upper drive shaft for quiet Vibration free operation.
janome 8900 -8200 brochure

The Janome Horizon 8900, 11 inch quilting machine, has the advanced Janome Acufeed feeding system, allowing quilters the freedom to quilt with extraordinary precision - The Janome Horizon 8900 offers everything you need to sew with professional quality. The MC8900 is equipped with a huge amount of features including a fully loaded accessory box. This machine opens up a huge variety of creative opportunities to keep you happily quilting for the decades to come. Janome 8900 offers maximum comfort in operation and easy self maintenance. The 8900 also offers a lot of professional features, such as the industrial style presser foot knee lifter, a memory function for stitch creations and combinations of stitches. With the Horizon series sewing machine dreams become reality. A wide range of decorative and utility stitches, which can be changed, combine and saved. With an increased 11 inch working surface this machine is ideal for demanding sewing, tailoring, and quilting  projects. The Janome 8900 stitches at a professional high speed of over 1000 stitches per minute, In addition the 8900 offers a lot of professional & convenient features such as full spectrum LED lighting, Auto needle threader, Auto tension, and auto button hole, you can even auto trim/cut the threat at a push of a button. The Janome 8900 sewing and quilting machine is designed for the most demanding professional quality.  

 janome 8900 quilt  Acufeed flex  janome 8900 stitches  needle positions  9mm stitches

Always thought about quilting but never had the tools? 

Well, now you have them! 

The MC8900 QCP quilting machine has everything you’d possibility need to finish a quilt. With 11” of space on the right of the needle, you’ll be able to fit a large quilt, even if you’re doing free-motion stitches. If small isn't your style, the Horizon Memory Craft 8900 has the capabilities to
work on a quilt frame. An elective remote thread cutter is also included.

Go Thicker Than Ever With Janome AcuFeed System for flexible Fabric Feeding.

Quiet power reaches its apex when you put the Janome 8900 to the test with multilayer projects. The AcuFeed system will move your project all together beneath the needle with stunning accuracy. Get fabulous results on quilts, difficult fabrics like microfiber, garments (even matching plaid on a seam line), and heavy weight home décor projects. This function is able to be detached and is easily removed when not in use. The standard accessory package includes the twin foot. A single foot is available in the optional package.

 Glide over lengthy seams at speeds up to 1000 stitches per minute.

It’s unlikely that you’ll always go so fast, but if you just need a straight stitch, finishing quickly is always nice, especially when you know every stitch will come out looking fabulous.


 needle plate conversion

Get a total of 91 possible needle positions with the super fine needle position adjustment function.

Achieve the most precise stitching you’ve ever seen be it decorative, fine quilt finishing, or applique. The One-Touch quarter inch stitch option makes piecing easier and quicker than ever before. The ability to directly select left needle positions makes free motion quilting a breeze and gives you more control. The cloth guide on the MC8900 is a handy addition for long seams. Together, these systems will give you flawless stitching every use.

Go Big and Bold With Over 100 9 mm Stitches.

Out of the 270 available, 6 buttons select the high-use ones. These stitch options include quilting, heirloom, applique, pictograph, utility, and more— most of which measure in at a width of 9 mm. The new Serpentine stitch will wow quilters and can adjust to 9 mm wide and 5 mm long. You can now mirror 29 stitches both vertically as well as horizontally. The 11 included buttonholes can be personalized for density, width, and opening. Three alphabets are also available and stretch up to 9 mm. Letter shape and size also have a notably more realistic balance and look. You no longer have to stop and save every later, since the Janome 8900 lets you program whole words!









The Janome One-Step needle plate conversion

will have you saying goodbye to the screwdriver. No morefuss, and no more difficult process for changing the needle plate. Now, it just pops out at the switch of a lever, saving you the time and the effort.



Janome 8900 quick reference video transcription.


Thank you for purchasing the Janome Memory Craft 8900 QDC quilting machine. This machine incorporates such distinctive features as a long arm body with a wide detachable extension table, a dual feed device, an automatic thread cutter. The Janome Horizon worldwide auto voltage power system, a connector for the external thread cutter switch, large foot control and much more! The MC8900 comes with useful accessories, including more than a dozen unique presser feet and an extra wide table. We're sure you'll be glad you chose the MC8900 Janome sewing machine and it will bring you much enjoyment in the fantastic world of sewing, craft and quilting.


start/ stop button and foot controlPreparation - connecting the power supply. The Janome 8900 is equipped with a two way speed control for sewing. You can use either the foot control or the start/ stop button to operate the machine. The large foot control is more stable and easier to use then the smaller foot control. Before connecting your new Janome quilting machine to the power supply, make sure to turn the power switch off. If you use the foot control, first open the base of the cover on the bottom of the foot control and unwind the cord. Replace the base cover. Insert the pin connector into the jack. Connect the power supply cord by inserting the plug into the machine and power outlet. After using the foot control store the cord under the base cover of the foot control.

Machine Operating Buttons - The five machine operating buttons are conveniently grouped together for easy access while sewing.


Start stop button - press the start stop button on your Janome sewing machine to start or to stop the machine. Please note however, that the start stop button will not work when the sewing machine foot control is connected. The machine will run slowly as long as this button is pressed and will start running at the speed set by the Janome speed control slider when the button is released. Pressing this button again while the machine is running will slow down the machine and it will stop when the button is released. This function is extremely useful when precise control of stitching is necessary.


reverse buttonReverse button - Your Janome 8900 machine will sew in reverse as long as the reverse button is being pressed when straight stitches and zigzag stitches are being sewn. To secure the beginning of a seam, press and hold this button so that the machine will sew in reverse at the slowest speed. When other patterns are selected, pressing the reverse button causes the machine to lock the stitch in place and to stop automatically.




Auto-lock button  - the MC8900 immediately locks the stitch and will stop automatically by pressing the auto-lock button when straight stitches and zigzag stitches have been selected. When other patterns are selected the machine will sew to the end of the pattern being sewn then lock the stitch and stop automatically.


Needle up/down button - press the needle up/ down button to bring the needle to the up or down position. The Janome 8900 always stops with the needle in the down position.


Thread cutter button - press this button to trim the threads after sewing. You can sew the next stitch without pulling the bobbin thread up. If you use thick thread or the twin needle use the thread cutter on the face plate.


speed control sliderSpeed control slider - the speed control slider sets the maximum sewing speed, to decrease the speed shift the slider to the left, shift to the right to increase the speed.


Winding the bobbin - extra spool pin. Use the extra Janome spool pin when you need to wind the bobbin without unthreading the machine while working on a sewing project. Open the top cover and insert the extra spool pin into the spool stand and then into the hole beside the horizontal spool pin. Put the felt in place.


bobbin winderWinding the bobbin on the Janome MC8900 - turn the power switch off. Slide the hook cover release button to the right and remove the hook cover. Take out the bobbin. Turn the power switch on. Set the spool of thread on the spool pin like this and secure it with a spool holder. Hold the thread with both hands and pass it into the guide slot and then draw the thread around into the back of the thread guide, still holding the thread with your hands firmly pull the thread to the right.  Pass the thread through the hole in the bobbin from inside. Put it on the bobbin winder spindle, push the bobbin winder spindle to the right. Start the machine, stop the machine when the bobbin has wound several layers and cut the thread close to the hole in the bobbin. Start the machine again. Stop your Janome machine when the bobbin is fully wound and stops spinning. Return the bobbin winder spindle to its original position. Remove the bobbin and cut the thread with the thread cutter.


Inserting the bobbin - turn your Janome sewing machines power switch off. Place the bobbin in the holder with the thread running off counter clockwise. Guide the thread into the front notch on the bobbin holder, draw the thread to the left, sliding it between the tension spring blades, continue to draw the thread lightly until the thread slips into the side notch pull out about 10 cm or 4 inches of thread to the back and attach the hook cover plate.


Threading your new Janome MC8900 quilting machine - turn the power switch on and raise the needle by pressing the needle up/down button. Raise the presser foot. Press the lock out key. Hold the thread with your hands and pass it into the guide slot still holding the thread with your hands, draw the thread firmly around the corner an towards you along the channel, pull it down along the right channel, pull the thread up around guide plate and along the left channel. Slip the thread into the eye of the take up lever and pull it down along the left channel. Pass the thread through the thread guides under the face plate and on the needle clamp.


Needle threader - lower the presser foot. Push the threader down as far as it will go. The hook comes out through the needle eye and the threader is held in the down position. Pull the thread down around the left thread guide from left to right under the hook, draw the thread around the right thread guide towards you. Raise the knob slowly and a loop of the thread is pulled up through the needle eye, remove the thread end through the needle eye and pull the thread to the left.


Drawing up the bobbin thread - press the lockout key to unlock. Raise the presser foot, while holding the needle thread with your finger, press the up/ down needle button twice. Pull the needle thread to lift the loop of the bobbin thread. Slide 10 cm or 4 inches of both threads to the back under the presser foot.

Setting up for sewing 


Presser foot leverRaising and lowering the presser foot – the MC8900 presser foot lifter raises and lowers the presser foot. You can raise the presser foot higher than the normal up position. This helps you change the needle plate and to place thick fabrics under the foot. The sewing machine will not start if the presser foot is up and the LCD screen will show a message to lower the foot. The knee lifter is useful when sewing patchwork or quilting etc. since it allows you to handle the fabric while your knee controls the presser foot. Refer to the instruction manual for more information.


Detaching and attaching the presser foot - raise the needle and turn the power switch off. Raise the presser foot by pushing up the presser foot lifter. Press the black lever on the back of the foot holder, the presser foot will drop. Place the desired foot under the foot holder so the pin on the foot lies just under the groove on the foot holder, lower the presser foot lifter to lock the foot in place.


foot pressure dialAdjusting foot pressure on the Janome MC8900- depending on the sewing conditions the foot pressure should be adjusted. The dial has 7 setting positions between 1 and 7 so you can fine tune foot pressure. For general sewing set the foot pressure dial at 5, reduce the pressure for applique and sewing fine fabrics, increase the pressure for heavy fabrics.


Dropping the feed dog - the feed dogs on your new MC8900 Janome, can be lowered with the drop feed lever located on the right side of the machine. When selecting a basting stitch the LCD screen will advise you to drop the feed dog. Shift the lever towards you to drop the feed dog. Shift the lever away from you to raise the feed dog and it will return to the up position when you start the machine.


Thread tension – the Janome 8900 machine features a semi auto tension control setting which covers a wide range of sewing conditions. The recommended tension setting for the selected pattern is shown in the LCD screen. Set the tension control dial at auto for general sewing. However, you should adjust the tension manually if the LCD screen shows manual tension setting. Turn the dial to a higher number to increase the tension, to decrease the tension turn it to a lower number.


Selecting patterns - there is a wide selection of stitch patterns and monograms available. Open the flip up reference chart to identify all the patterns at a glance. These patterns are classified into groups for easy reference. When turning the power switch on, the LCD screen will show straight stitch D1 selected. Press the mode key and the group selection window will open. Turn the jog dial clockwise or counter clockwise to browse through the groups. Press the confirm button in the centre of the jog dial to select the desired group. Turn the jog dial clockwise or counter clockwise to browse the stitch patterns, press the confirm button to select the desired pattern. You can select the group or pattern also by pressing its icon on the LCD screen. The LCD screen will display the pattern number and stitch image along with preset stitch width and length, recommended foot, foot pressure and tension setting. Practical sewing - dual feed device.


Setting the dual fee device - This machine is equipped with a built in Janome Horizon Acufeed dual feed device, it ensures a smooth and even feed of all kinds of fabrics. Raise the needle by pressing the needle up down button. Turn the power switch off and raise the presser foot with the presser foot lifter. Loosen the set screw and remove the foot holder. Attach the dual feed holder to the presser bar. Push the dual feed link to engage it with the upper feed drive. Lower the presser foot and the needle and tighten the set screw securely with the screw driver.


dual feed systemSewing with the dual feed device – Janome patterns D1-D4, D1S-D4S and D94-D98 can be used with the dual feed device. Use the straight stitch needle plate when seaming very fine fabrics. Position the fabric under the foot, lower the needle to the point where you wish to start. Lower the presser foot, start the machine and sew at medium speed letting the fabric feed naturally.


Dual feed adjusting dial - if the lower layer puckers turn the dual feed adjusting dial towards the plus sign, if the upper layer puckers, turn the Janome dual feed adjusting dial towards the minus sign.


changing the needle plate on the Janome 8900Replacing the Janome 8900 needle plate - use the straight stitch needle plate when sewing straight stitch. Turn the power switch off, slide the extension table to the left to remove it. Raise the presser foot to the extra lifted position. Push down the needle plate release lever and the needle plate will pop up. Remove the needle plate by lifting it to the right. Place the straight stitch needle plate on the machine. Insert the left edge of the needle plate into the opening and push down on the mark of the needle plate until it is locked into place. Lower the presser foot to the normal up position. Turn the hand wheel slowly and check that the needle does not hit the needle plate. Janome stitch patterns D1S-D4S can be sewn with the straight stitch needle plate. The other patterns cannot be sewn with the straight stitch needle plate.




Buttonholes - there are various styles of buttonholes available on your new Janome sewing machine. You can choose the appropriate buttonhole for your garment. The machine will sew a properly sized buttonhole automatically in a single step. Place the button on the back of the automatic buttonhole foot and push back the holder to the hold the button in. Buttonhole length is determined automatically. You can also fine tune the buttonhole size by turning the adjusting screw. Attach the buttonhole foot. Draw the needle thread to the left through the hole of the foot. Place the fabric under the foot. Lower the needle and lower the presser foot. Pull down the buttonhole lever as far as it will go. Start sewing while pulling the needle thread lightly to the left. After several stitches, free the needle thread and continue sewing. Your Janome 8900 sewing machine will stop automatically when the buttonhole is complete.


altering stitch lenth

Altering stitch length and width - stitch length and width are programmed and optimized for the selected pattern, but you can adjust them to suit your specific sewing needs. To alter stitch length, press the stitch length adjusting key. To alter stitch width, press the stitch width adjust key. For straight stitches you can move the needle draw position by pressing the stitch width adjusting key.



Advanced techniques - selecting letters and numbers. Press the monogram key to choose one of five styles available. Press the letter type icon to select upper case alphabets, lower case alphabets, upper case European letters, lower case European letters, numbers or signs. Select the desired character by pressing the icon.


Programming pattern combination - let’s try to program this combination. Press the monogram key and select Broadway style, select upper case letter I. then press the memory key to memorize letter I. Press the mode key and turn the jog dial to select the decorative group, turn the jog dial and select the heart outline. Press the memory key to memorize the pattern. Press the monogram key and select Broadway style. Select lower case letter Y, select lower case letter O, select lower case letter U.


Editing the pattern combination - to delete or insert patterns press the cross mark on the LCD screen to close the patterns selection window. Press the left arrow key to shift the cursor to the left. Press the right arrow of the edit key to shift the cursor to the right. Shift the cursor under the pattern you wish to delete. Press the delete key and the pattern above the cursor will be deleted. To insert patterns, shift the cursor under the pattern next to the place where you wish to insert patterns. Select the pattern, and the select pattern will be inserted before the cursor.


Storing a pattern combination and recalling it on your new Janome 8900 - up to 20 pattern combinations can be store in the machine memory for future use. Press the memory recall key after programming a pattern combination. The LCD screen will show the memory address and one and the key function assignment. Press the memory recall key to choose the memory address from M2-M20, then press the memory key to store the pattern combination in the selected memory address. To recall a stored combination, press the memory recall key. Then press the memory recall key until the desired combination appears. Press the jog dial icon and the stored combination will be ready to sew. A stored combination can be recalled after turning the machine off. If you want to delete a stored combination, select the desired combination and press the clear key.


Customizing the machine settings - you can customize the Janome sewing machine settings to your preference. Press the set key and the machines setting menu will open. Turn the jog dial and browse the items to set, such as screen brightness, buzzer sound level, sub window display time, language, touch screen calibration, etc. Select the desired item, buzzer sound level for example, and press the confirm button. Adjust the buzzer sound lever by turning the jog dial and pressing the confirm button. Press the cross mark to close the machine setting window.

Care and maintenance on your new Janome 8900 - before carrying out any maintenance or cleaning be sure to turn off the machine and disconnect it from the power supply.


replacing the needleReplacing the needle - check the needle frequently to ensure that its tip is not rough or blunt. Replace it with a new Janome brand needle if it is dull or bent. Loosen the needle clamp screw and remove the needle. Insert a new needle with the flat side facing back. Push the needle up against the stopper and tighten the needle clamp screw securely with a screw driver.


Cleaning the machine - it is recommended to clean the hook area, automatic thread cutter mechanism and the inside of the thread guide at least once a month. Cleaning the hook area - remove the needle and presser foot. Remove the extension table, push down the needle plate release lever and remove the needle plate. Remove the bobbin and bobbin holder. Clean the bobbin holder with a lint brush and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. Clean the feed dog, thread cutter mechanism and hook race with a lint brush. Wipe the inside of the hook race with a soft, dry cloth. Replace the bobbin holder in the hook race, making sure the knob fits next to the stopper hook race. Insert the left edge of the needle plate into the opening and push down on the mark of the needle plate until it is locked in place. Replace the extension table. Attach the needle and presser foot.


Cleaning the inside of the thread guide - remove the thread guide plate by pulling it up. Clean the area around under the pretension leaf with the lint brush. Remove lint and dust from the brush on the underside of the thread guide plate using the lint brush. Set the thread guide plate on the machine, inserting the tenons into the slots. Push the thread guide plate down to snap it in place. Never use benzene or other chemicals solvents for cleaning your Janome 8900 sewing machine body.  Wipe the body using a soft cloth soaked in warm water and a mild detergent. Regular maintenance will ensure that your machine runs trouble free.


  1. What a remarkable machine! Review by Jeanie

    So I have been dropping hints to my hubby for quite a while, that what I wanted for my birthday was a sewing machine, but I sure wasn’t expecting this super proficient machine. I would have been content with one of those portable, small machines. Well, imagine... I’m now doing dresses and I’m quilting like a pro, and what was a kind of late afternoon hobby is slowly turning into a second profession. This machine is absolutely crazy amazing!


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