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Janome Juno M1230Q

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Janome Juno M1230Q

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M1230Q is a computerized machine that includes all the Janome quilting accessories that allows you to create all those quilt tops you have. This machine handles baby quilts made with soft materials as well as multiple layers of heavy fabric. You have the opportunity to personalize your projects by choosing between the 8 different decorative stitches and 6 one-step buttonholes that are available. Take control of your garments and accessories and add your personal touch using this amazing sewing machine.


Janome Juno M1230Q Quilting Machine

Whether you are a beginner who loves sewing or a professional sewing and quilting enthusiast, the Janome M1230Q can address all your needs with its computerized precision and wide array of features. Additional bundle of quilting accessories make it a truly versatile machine which can tackle several layers of fabric, thick textures likes denim or delicate fabric like satin. With a selection of 30 stitches (including eight decorative stitches, sixteen utility stitches and six buttonholes) allow you to get creative with sewing and quilting like never before.


You can sift through the stitch selections easily, using the mode keys which help you navigate through the stitch groups. In addition there are several handy features to expand your sewing options:


Reverse Stitch and Automatic Stitch Lock-off

The Reverse button is a great feature if you don’t want to move the fabric around. Once you push the button, the machine would simply take a few locking stitches and then finish the stitches. It is also easy to reverse the stitching pattern without actually having to rotate your sewing area. The Auto-lock button is handy for decorative stitches or patterns which are often repeated. The machine automatically sews out the locked stitches at the pattern end, and stops sewing. You can then repeat the same on a different area which repeats the same design.


Needle Up/Down

Particularly handy for pivoting or free motion quilting you can simply set the needle in down position and work on the tricky corner stitches without having to worry about your fabric slipping away or any wobble in the needle position. If you need to get the needle up, simply push the button again.


Stop/Start button

For longer seams in particular, where it is difficult to maintain a continuous foot pressure, the ‘Start’ button can help you sew without any foot control. When you’re tackling delicate fabrics, simply press the ‘stop’ button and resume sewing normally.


Helpful User Manual

The user manual is very helpful in understanding not only the machine operations and accessories but also for some useful tips on how to optimize your Juno M1230Q features. The instructions are simple, and easy to follow. Some of the main topics they cover are:

•   How to sew buttonholes, appropriate foot pressure or different stitches, zipper stitch, finishing the sewing edges of a fabric etc.
•   How to do decorative stitching (scallops, applique etc.)
•   Housekeeping tasks on your machine e.g. cleaning the needle plate, lint cleaning, servicing the mechanical parts etc. 


Janome Juno M1230Q Features:

•   High contrast LED display screen to show stitch dimensions and patterns which can be easily adjusted on-screen. Helpful navigation for stitching modes and other selections
•   Automatic stitch lock and reverse features
•   Drop feed for free motion quilting and sewing
•   Slider for controlling sewing speed
•   15 different needle positions with memory for needle up/ down position
•   Spacious extension table and accessory storage, with the free arm concealed below the detachable flat bed for ergonomic design
•   Transparent cover plate for bobbin
•   Both vertical and horizontal spool pins
•   Vertical loading bobbin with auto-declutch winding system and jam-proof rotary hook
•   Quick reference menu for stitches with recommended presser foot
•   Oil-free, low maintenance operation
•   High pressure feet lift, with pressure-sensitive control of sewing speed
•   Easy to change presser foot system
•   Manual dial for stitch width and length
•   Convenient needle threader
•   Quilting bar
•   Cloth guide 
Several convenient presser feet:

      ▫  Satin stitch foot (F)
      ▫  ¼” Foot (O)
      ▫  Automatic buttonhole foot (R)
      ▫  Zipper foot (E)
      ▫  Basting/ darning foot
      ▫  Open toe satin stitch foot (F2)
      ▫  Even feed (walking) foot

•   30 Built-in stitches including: 

▫  6 One-Step buttonholes 
▫  Satin stitch assortment
▫  Overcast stitches for woollen-wear, knitwear and woven fabrics
▫  Other decorative stitches (applique, scalloping stitches, hand-quilting stitches etc.)


Janome Juno M1230Q Specs: 

•   Accessory compartment
•   Retractable carry handle
•   Horizontal thread delivery (additional Vertical spool pin)
•   Horizontal full rotary hook
•   Semi-automatic bobbin winder
•   Adjustable thread tension control
•   Horizontal spool pin
•   Mode key: to switch between pattern #, stitch width & stitch length
•   ‘-‘ And ‘+’ (minus & plus) adjusting buttons for:
•   Pattern selection
•   Stitch width & length adjustment
•   Snap-on presser feet
•   Easy reverse button
•   Locking stitch button
•   Start/stop button
•   Needle up/down set button
•   Side mounted thread cutter
•   Built-in needle threader
•   Slit thread take-up lever
•   Marked thread path
•   Drop feed dog system (slider)
•   Feed dog system: 7 piece
•   Maximum stitch width: 7mm
•   Maximum stitch length: 5mm
•   0- 2.5 mm Stitch Length For Reverse Stitch
•   Failsafe device: electronic beep
•   Feed balance dial (behind accessory box)
•   Maximum speed: 820 SPM
•   Krypton Lamp
Machine weight: 16.95 pounds /Machine size: 166”w x 7” D x 11.75”H

Janome Juno M1230Q Includes:

•   Bobbins
•   Needles
•   Seam Ripper
•   Screwdriver key
•   Small & large spool caps;
•   Spool stand
•   Vertical spool pin
•   Hard cover
•   Power cord & Foot control
•   Instruction Manual


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