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Janome MC9900 teal

SAVE 40% Janome Memory Craft 9900

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Janome Memory Craft 9900 Sewing 
& Embroidery Machine
With Full Intensity Lighting System 

SAVE 40%

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The most enjoyable part of sewing and quilting is the fact that you can use your creativity and develop your project in any direction you want. We know you need a machine that you can rely on and that lets you be as creative as you want and that’s why we’ve created 9900. It brings together all the features needed for sewing, embroidery, home décor and any other project that you have.

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Great machine Review by Glenda
Bought this machine after doing some online research, but now that I finally put my hands on it I am in awe! It’s a serious, smart, easy to use machine, that leaves nothing to be desired. It’s the machine I’ve always wanted, and it’s a dream come true! (Posted on 14-10-08)
Very impressed! Review by Susan
I’ve had this machine for about 2 weeks, and it took me a while to get to know it. I’ve read the manual a few times, also gave the DVD a watch, and I’d say it’s all well done, but maybe a few points could have been explained more in detail
This is a serious machine, for real work; it has 200 stitch patterns and 3 different fonts; It can quilt, does great heirlooms, it quilts great, and it can do utility stitches and pictorial stitching.
The computer assisted bobbin drop, the needle height and the stop and start button all work flawlessly. The feeder dog level works easily and it also comes with a button for thread cutting. Dimensions wise it’s a rather large machine, 18” long, it comes with spare needles and it has a bobbin winding function that works even without taking the thread out of the machine. The computer on-board uses a classic USB connection, so you can download stitch patterns and get them into the machine easily
It also has a knee lift and the pedal is a large, bulky one, feel really great to control. For a computer sewing machine, I really can’t find any faults with it. Some of the functions are left analogous, some are button operated, which is for the best, as I don’t have to go hunting in the menu for these functions. Within the computer, you can change the length and the height of the stitch and you can move the machine in reverse too. Also, when you want to lock a stitch, it has a dedicated button, which is very helpful.
The interface is touch screen type, also in color, and the machine has storage compartments, making working with it very neat and tidy overall.
If, say, you start with a simple sewing job and then you want to go into embroidery mode, it’s very simple to make the jump. There’s a button you push to drop the needle plate, plus it drops the feed dogs automatically.
In embroidery mode the arm has its own case, so it’s a clean process to use it, as it slides in the back of the machine with a button push. It has 2 hoops, and it has a standard 140x140 or a 170x200 sizes, with clear template guides, and so it helps a lot when you get a design down.
There are a few preinstalled designs, it has 4 fonts, a few borders and it can get letter monograms done real easy. The thread color can be changed via the computer screen. You can also set it to resize a template, mirror it or rotate it, all done on the touch screen.
Sewing is so easy and straightforward, with any normal thread. The embroidery thread as well as the moon threads are all handled easily. I’ve had a few thread breaks, but nothing significant, it was mainly my fault for these.
Text or embroidery work, on pillow cases, on cushions and other materials look amazingly pro.
A great advantage is that the machine won’t work out of order; what I mean is, if you forgot a step or if the machine is not set for a job it will beep, and whatever it is you’re not doing right, it tells you on screen. Somehow it even knows when the bobbin is running out of thread, so you can feed it. The screen is also great for design tracing. What you do is align the stitch it’s going to do next to the position on the material, and so you know exactly where to position the needle. Even if you have to stop, you can return and the computer will start again from where you left off.. So, lining up the pattern is really easy, it saves you a whole lot of time.
For those that work with intricate embroidery patterns, the machine is definitely a substantial one. It’s designed smart, easy to use and as I said, if you have to stop in the middle of a pattern, you can go back again, and the work done will look amazing, without skips or misalignment. Thus, I’m definitely happy with it, and for embroidery it’s a smart purchase. Highly recommend it. (Posted on 14-07-31)
Great machie Review by Rita
The 9900 has been in my possession for a few days, and I’ve just had the time to play with the digital software side, the touch screen. It’s really a professional machine, and stitching leaves nothing to be desired. Really a great machine. (Posted on 14-07-25)
The perfect choice! Review by Anita
For what it is, this machine is smaller than I imagined; but it works like a charm, stitching is perfect sewing is simple and it’s got that addictive thing going, it’s so fun to run. Now all I need is to get to sewing as my main thing! (Posted on 14-07-20)

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