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Juki MO-1000

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Juki MO-1000 Serger

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To purchase the Juki MO-1000, please call 1-800-661-1801.

Ever find yourself struggling to thread your serger? The all-new and convenient upper and lower looper air threading will turn it into a breeze. 

The Juki  MO-1000 makes threading a snap with a simple gust of air pushed from the electronic motor. Experience threading like never before with this amazing function—available on both the upper AND lower looper threading!


Juki MO-1000 Features

The Brand New Looper Air Threading

Step 1: Take anywhere from half an inch to one inch worth of thread and insert it through one hole at a time. 

Step 2: Activate the air-control by pressing the push button. 

Step 3: Just like that, you’re done! You just threaded your MO-1000 with air! All that’s left to do is tug a few inches of thread out, and you’re ready to start sewing.


The New Automatic Needle Threader 

Step 1: Press the threading lever into the downward position. 

Step 2: Take your thread and hook it. 

Step 3: Let go of the lever. Now, your threading is officially complete!


The New Upper Looper 2-/3- Thread Converter

Switch between the 3-thread and 2-thread options with just a simple push of our changeover attachment, located on the left side of the machine. This will revolutionize and streamline your sewing process, cutting down your prep time.


Adjustable Differential Feed

With just the simple twist of a knob, you will find yourself able to garnish even difficult, stretchy fabrics, such as georgette or knit fabrics, with flawlessly sewn finishes. You can even make your adjustments right in the middle of sewing.


Spacious Fabric Throat Area

With a new height of 72.4 mm, the throat space has been given and definite boost. You will find yourself with more room to work than you may even know what to do with!


LED Light

Illuminate your needle space with the LED Light. Made to be energy efficient and long-lasting, this eco-friendly built-in bulb will not heat up and risk burning you, even if your machine has been running a long time.


Stunningly Silent

Because the MO-1000 is designed to reduce all the noise that man most machines bring with them, you will find less vibration and minimal operational sounds when using your machine.


Easily Adjusted Stitch Length

A conveniently located dial will place the power in your hands to switch the stitch lengths for overlock techniques or specialty threads quickly and easily.


Easily Adjusted Thread Tension

With options from one to nine, you can vary up your thread tension in more ways than you could dream up. Turning the dial downwards will give you less tension while turning it up will increase the tension.


Other Features

Thread trimming blade to simplify thread cutting.

Automatic rolled hemming function

Safety feature to prevent use while the presser foot is up or left with the cover open.

Presser foot for adjustable pressure.

Dial to change the cutting with.

Deactivation options for the upper knife.


Convenience Features:

Micro Safety On/Off Switch

Presser Feet that Snap-On

Integrated rolled hemming

Differential Feed

Color-coded Thread Path Guide

Quick 2-thread Converter

2/3/4 Thread Choices

Integrated sewing gauge for precise seams

Industrial Cutting and Tension Systems


Unleash Your Creativity with a Vast Array of Stitch Patterns!


3-Thread Flatlock
3-Thread Flatlock 

The perfect stitch for interior items, accessories, and for accents on clothing.


3-Thread Rolled Hem
3-Thread Rolled Hem 

This function will roll the fabric edge and cover it with thread.


3-Thread Narrow Overlock
3-Thread Narrow Overlock 

Similarly to the Rolled Hem, this function will roll the fabric edge but sew it with extremely narrow overlocking.


Frill 3-Thread Rolled Hemming with the Different Feed
3-Thread Narrow Overlock 

This pattern uses the typical 3-thread rolled hemming style but employs the differential feed, making it perfect for creating beautifully decorated pieces out of stretch fabrics.


4-Thread Overlock
 4-Thread Overlock

Secure your knitted fabrics with the help of two needles and four threads.


3-Thread Overlock
3-Thread Overlock 

A basic stitch. This is perfect for making sure your fabric won’t fray/


2-Thread Overlock
2-Thread Overlock 

Use this stitch to sew together fabric edges. This 2 thread stitch helps to prevent fabric from fraying.



Threading Becomes a Snap With Our Easy Threader 

Introducing an all-new easy threader function! With this feature, you’ll breeze through threading like never before. Just pull your thread through the threading hole with the help of a powerful pulse of air from the machine’s electric motor. The amazing Easy Threader gives upper and lower looper threading a drastic alteration.


 Step One: Take 1 to 2 centimeters of thread and insert it into the machine. 

Step Two: Locate and press the air-control button. 

Step Three: You’re all finished! With one whoosh of air, your machine is threaded!


 Automated Needle Threader 

Threading the needle can be difficult and tiresome, which is why the automatic needle threader on the Juki MO-1000 is so great. Thread your needle with ease! All it takes is three simple steps.

 Step One: Use your finger to lower the threading lever. 

Step Two: Take your thread and hook it. 

Step Three: Move the lever back to it’s starting position to complete the process.


 Quiet Use 

Designed for sound reduction, the build of this machine allows it to sew with minimal vibration, which will cut down on that loud operating noise.


 Adjustable Differential Feed 

With the help of the adjustable differential feed, you’ll be able to employ flawlessly done finishes, even on tricky, stretchy fabrics like georgette or knits. You can even make adjustments while you work.


Gorgeous Sharp Curve 

This machine bridges the gap between the needle and the knife with a distance of just 9.95mm as opposed to the industry standard of 15.5mm. This new proximity will give you the option to sew awe-inspiring inner curves.

Upper Looper Converter 2-/3- Thread Conversion 

Make the switch from 3-thread to 2-thread with one easy step. Simply push the attachment on the left of the machine, which will further streamline an already easy process.


 Large Throat Space 

The throat of the Juki MO-1000 has a height of 72.4mm. Watch your work improve infinitely with this increase.

LED Light 

Make your needle area shine with the LED Sewing Light. Integrated into the machine and made to conserve energy, this long-lasting and eco-friendly light doesn’t generate heat, no matter how long it’s on.


Waste Collection Tray 

Included in the standard accessories, this waste collection piece sits conveniently to catch any cut-off fabric and helps you keep a neat, organized work space.

 Other Features 

-    Automated Rolled Hemming 

-    Easy thread cutting with the thread trimming blade 

-    Presser foot with adjustable pressure 

-    Safety feature to stop the machine if the presser foot is up or if the cover is open 

-    Deactivation option for the upper knife 

-    Adjusting dial for cutting width 


Sewing Patterns 

-    Overlock (4 thread, 3 thread, and 2 thread options) 

-    Rolled Hem (3-thread) 

-    Narrow Overlock (3-thread) 

-    Rolled Hem with Differential Feed (Frill 3-thread) 

-    Flatlock (3-thread)


Extra Attachments - Presser Feet 

-    Blind Stitch 

-    Elasticator 

-    Cording 

-    Beading 

-    Piping 

-    Gathering

Accessories Included: 

•   Power cord and foot control

•   Presser foot

•   Instruction & User Manual

•   One large screwdriver and one small screwdriver

•   Pouch for accessory storage

•   An extra lower knife

•   2/3 thread selector

•   Spool Caps

•   Guide Bar

•   Oiler

•   Needle threader

•   A vinyl cover

•   Needle inserter and brush

•   Pack of needles

•   Tweezer

Put your Juki accessories to the test and reach your machine’s creative potential—as well as your own! 

Make serving jobs easier and faster than ever before while maintaining masterful results. 
Gather, finish, and more. For every creative technique, Juki has a presser foot for it. 

•   Standard Foot - Great for attaching tapes and regular sewing projects
•   Blind Stitch Foot - (Right Needle only) Great for blind hems.
•   Elasticator foot - Perfect for attaching elastic tape to your stretch fabrics.
•   Cording Foot - Use this to attach wire or nylon string on fabric edges.
•   Beading Foot - This foot is perfect for using overlock stitches to attach beads and pearls.
•   Piping Foot - A foot specifically for piping.
•   Gathering Foot


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